caravan swift Charisma 5 berth & Freelander 2 car for sale caravan swift Charisma 5 berth & Freelander 2 car for sale landrover passenger side landrover passenger side 206437911 caravan rear view exterior caravan rear view exterior 206437897 front area fold away table and drawers, cupboard above all around and below all seats, wardrobe too. removable carpets. 206437903 back interior fold away bunk. 206437896 separate shower 2 separate shower 2 picture 206437880 separate shower separate shower 206437878 shower tray in cubicle shower tray in cubicle 206437879 extra small table extra dining area 2 ends for seating, tv, eating and sleeping. 206437884 gas/electric cooker front oven and grill 206437894 cooker lid down 206437889 cooker top open cooker top open one electric and three gas hob 206437902 thretford fridge/freezer compartment thretford Fridge/freezer compartment with new compartment door 206437882 shower skylight 206437883 sleeping area 206437886 bedroom door stored concertina door magnetic closer 206437887 back end of caravan back end of caravan 206437888 fridge/freezer compartment fridge/freezer compartment gas or electric 206437893 microwave 206437890 bedroom door closed bedroom door closed 206437892 option 2 front bed option 2 front bed 206437898 floor storage and floor space heating floor storage and floor space heating 206437899 front view one socket for car electrics. 206437905 shower cubicle door shower cubicle door 206437901 front interior front interior 206437895 Landrover dash Landrover dash 206437906 floor storage floor storage 206437904 landrover center console landrover center console 206437907 landrover back landrover back 206437908 landrover side landrover side 206437909 landrover front landrover front 206437910 landrover driver side landrover driver side 206437912 WC and sink WC and sink beside shower cubicle 206438014 wc door 206438015